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  1. So it's been the first week of the summer holidays here, how has it been for you?
    It's been abit crazy here and I'm trying to establish some kind of routine but it is quite hard but I like to think I've cracked it!
    Luckily my eldest two have been out socialising with their friends so it's just been me and little Freya at home.
    Freya has taken a liking to playing the board game 'frustration' haha plus we taught her how to play 'go fish' card game! That brought back some memories I tell you Haha.
    I've been juggling spending as much time as I can with the children, aswell as working on customer orders and fingers crossed it's going ok so far!
    always get asked 'how do you manage to work at home with the children there'  the answer is... I wing it Haha.
    I do what I can when I can. But I will say this... each and everyone of my customers orders are always  dispatched on time and the same care and attention to detail is still the same. If anything, I do more work in the evening as that way I get to spend time with the kids during the day with the spot of housework here and there without feeling guilty. (I've started doing 'The Organised Mum' routine)
    It can be hard juggling sometimes I won't lie, and it's taken me a while to find a balance and routine to what works and what doesn't but this way works for me and my little family so it's all good.
    How do you keep your children entertained during the holidays? Do you have a plan of action?
    I've been writing some ideas for things to do with freya, this is what I've wrote down so far:
    • Library (we've just signed freya up at our local library) Plus every wednesday morning she goes with daddy for breakfast and books there too. Check out your libraries I think this is being offered everywhere as far as I know)
    • Craft day (paint/glitter/glue - all the messy stuff haha)
    • board games (buckaroo/frustration etc)
    • garden day (garden toys/pool/bouncy castle)
    • park
    • watch a movie
    • sort through her toys (freya actually loves this job!)
    • Baking
    Plus some days out when my husband is day off!
    Like most of you, I also have school uniforms to buy! That's a huge expense alone isn't it, so I always try to find things for the kids to do which are either free or not cost as much!
    Check out Arthur's Adventures on facebook, his mum blogs and shares some beautiful places and let's you know the cost of things etc. We've been to some amazing places which have been recommended by Arthur's Adventures. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed! Plus we always take a cool box with our lunch inside to keep costs low xx
    Please feel free to share some of your ideas, I'd love to hear them!
    Until next time... take care and lots of love,
    Hannah xxx