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For those of you who didn't know, I have recently changed to a new website host server! 

It's such a lovely website and so easy to use!

So much easier for us mum's, we're always running around like headless chickens so I wanted something more user friendly ~ fingers crossed you agree this new website is just that!

Another small business friend recommended this new website to me, and I am so pleased she did!

I had been debating for abit as to whether to change or not then I decided to just go for it!

I am still currently adding more items to this new look website although there's a good bit on here already. Shouldn't take me long to add the rest xx

Its so much cleaner and set out fantastically compared to my last one, I am super happy with it Eeeekkk!!! Definitely worth the time I have spent designing it x

Keep your eye out for my Christmas Collection too, I have been secretly working on it while working on this new website and completing orders haha xx

I am hoping to release my Christmas Collection in October xx

Thank you for reading,

Hannah @Pixies Attic xx

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