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Schools out for summer!

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School's out for Summer 2019!

Wow how quick has this school year flown?! It seems to have came around incredibly quick hasn't it!

There will be so many changes happening here in September with my three kiddies... my eldest daughter Abi will be starting college, my son Kayden will be starting senior school and little Freya will start Year 1!! Aarghh why do they have to grow up! Haha

Last day of term here was so emotional for Kayden, alot of my sons class are heading off to different senior schools, but I hope they all stay in touch as his class was so close! So many children were crying on their last day also parents and teachers. It's such a big transition isn't from Juniors to big school. They are still so tiny!

The final week on the run up to school finishing, I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get my childrens teacher gifts finished haha and I'm pleased to say that I did it!!! I got them all completed and wrapped just in time! They loved them too which is truly amazing! I'll add the photo's of the teacher gifts further down as I would love to share them with you.

Are your children moving onto senior school this year? How are your children coping, are they nervous? Excited? Looking forward to meeting new friends? I'd love to know. because Kayden is feeling a mixture bless him,  but in all honesty I think I am more nervous than him haha. I'll be a wreck on his first day, hoping that he will be ok and doesn't find it all too much as it is going to be completely different for him and all the new starters. Us mums and also dads always worry don't we! As Mrs Potts says from Beauty and the Beast... 'It'll all turn out alright in the end, you'll see'

On another note, I'll still be working during these 6 weeks holidays like most of you will. I'm hoping for some time off too like you but I will most likely switch to working during the evenings as I suffer bad with mum guilt! 

I'll be working on.. dare I say it.. Christmas items haha. I will be making the Christmas Catergory LIVE on my website so the ones that will be listed will be available to order straight away. I'm hoping to have some NEW stock completed hopefully mid August if all goes to plan. Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date or check back here in my blog.


For now though, have an amazing Summer Holiday!!

Love Hannah xx

Ooops! I nearly forgot haha here are the gifts I made for Kayden and Freya's teachers...



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