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Some exciting news!!

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Some EXCITING news!!

For those of you who have came to my website and thought 'woah what's going on here, where's the products' don't fear... they are all on my Etsy Shop! www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PixiesAtticGifts

I had been contemplating this decision for quite a while and it was a hard decision to make if I'm truly honest.

The main reason I came to this decision was because I do get majority of my orders through my business page on Facebook and also Instagram, now more have started to come through Etsy which is absolutely amazing!

I initially started with Etsy and decided to put it on holiday mode and it had been like that for quite some time until last month when I decided to reopen it. (was a fabulous decision to reopen it!!)

For now though, my main website will stay live as my blog but I will be turning it back to how it was in the near future!

I'd love you to come visit me over on Etsy, you don't need an account you can visit as a guest.

You can also see me on my social media plus keep checking out my blog too!

For now though, I hope you're having a fabulous summer!

Speak soon & take care

Love Hannah xx

Pssstt... I have a VIP Pixies Attic group on facebook too!


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