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Hello Pixies!

So last week I was poorly again with tonsillitis! I only had it in May!!!
I thought I'd seen the back of it, how wrong was I! I would rather of had a migraine, and believe me I suffer with migraines bad!
In all honesty, I was so ill and with having the kiddies home only made it worse! I managed though but jeez us mums are superheroes aren't we?! We just get on with it, and look forward to bed time haha.
Luckily I am starting to feel a bit like my normal self again thank goodness!
I'm super proud of myself though! Because even though I was poorly (it really did knock me off my feet!), I managed to look after the kids, the pets, do the housework (well a little!) and complete customer orders! That deserves a celebratory glass or 2 of wine doesn't it?! I definitely agree haha.
It is hard though looking after the kids when we're unwell isn't it. Especially when all you would love to do is just go back to bed for a week and try and sleep some of it off!
Freya is 5 and she was hard work last week when I was poorly, it's like she knew I was weak haha. Freya is at the stage where when you ask/tell her to do something her answer is no, she is always asking why, the famous foot stamping when she doesn't get her own way. And there's more haha but I won't go on about it! The joys of parenting! To be honest I wouldn't change it for the world, I love it when I get those random cuddles from my 3, makes me smile. Especially when you're having a bad day! Lately, there has been a lot of those haha. But those random cuddles from your children is great, its like they know you really need one!
Have any of you managed to check out my Etsy shop yet? I have quite a few items on there now and it looks lovely, it's easier to see all my items on there if I'm completely honest with you. It's perfect for those of you who are like me and love window shopping haha, seeing things at a glance! It's like when I walk into a clothing shop, I stand there have a quick scan around and if I don't see anything while I'm stood in that spot I leave haha. But if I see something, I make a bee line for it!

I will attach some pics of orders I completed last week for my Etsy customers, I am totally in love with the colours on the set of 3 mermaid tails though! They really are beautiful!!! Plus I've had some amazing feedback about them too, let me know what you think.
For now though, take care and speak soon xx
Love Hannah xx

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