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How it all began...

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Can you believe Pixies Attic started in my kitchen back in January 2018!!

Prior to 2018 I had been suffering really bad with anxiety (i still am) and one particular day I decided to make a fairy door. Strangely I found that it really helped keep me distracted from the constant feeling of anxiety. I created a facebook page (not expecting much to happen) and then friends started to order these cute fairy doors from me. Word started to get around so then I made the decision to officially register Pixies Attic with the HMRC and here we are 2 years later!!

To be honest, I never thought my little business would have grown as much as it has now. I am incredibly proud of Pixies Attic.

My little business has grown from working in my kitchen to now having my own work room Haha. I have always kept to creating beautiful items for children and I have to say my inspiration comes from my youngest daughter Freya (she is 5 years old). Freya is my biggest fan Haha she loves everything I have created.

My items are mainly for girls but I do have items for boys (not as many as I would like mind!) But I am hoping to introduce some more items into my range for those little princes! If you have any little boys, I'd love you to drop me a message to let me know what they love! That way I will know I am on the right track!

So there you have it, how Pixies Attic started.

Nothing fancy, just little old me in my little kitchen and a fairy door xx


Lots of love,

Hannah xx

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