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The Festivities are in full swing!

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Christmas Break is OFFICIAL!!!


The kiddies have now finished school for Christmas and the days ahead are going to be filled with lots of excitement, hyperactivity and for me... hot chocolate with a splash of orange baileys to keep me going Haha!

Seriously though, how quick has this year flown!!!

I'm feeling quite organised this year I have to say, all presents are wrapped (just about!) And I am really looking forward to Christmas!!

We tend to do the same thing every year, it's always been the same tradition in our house.

The morning is spent me running around the house with the hoover and what not, plus I always put fresh bedding on the bed. My older two then go and spend some time with their dad and while they are there, me and Freya start baking some yummy cookies and cakes!

Once my older two are home, we do more baking! We love baking here! Lots of yummy homemade cakes etc for Santa!

My husband tends to get home from work late afternoon, then its bath time and Christmas PJ time! Along with a cheeky takeaway and Christmas Movies finished with hot chocolate before bed xx

Once the kiddies have chosen cakes, cookies and a drink for Santa (not forgetting the carrot for reindeer) we then get them tucked up in bed where they will be dreaming away. Me and my husband tend to start prepping veg etc for the following day. I do this because the kids have a habit of coming downstairs at first Haha I dont want them to catch me present wrapping!

When we've completed the veg prep etc the kids tend to be asleep so we then finish wrapping presents (there's normally only a few) and then we're busy positioning everything.

Last but not least, at this point our back feels like it's going to snap so we end up crawling to bed Haha.

What does your Christmas Eve look like? Do you have any traditions?

I'd love to hear them xx


I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas xx

Lots of love,

Hannah xx

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