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Exciting times!!

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So it's been a couple of weeks since I last did a blog post, how are you doing!
I have been getting back into the swing of my new found routine **coughs** since the kiddiwinks have been back at school.
I actually made a promise to myself that I would be more disciplined and organised this year and I have to say... ***drum roll*** so far so good Haha.
Orders have started to come in slowly this January which has been fantastic as I've had more time to work on a little secret!! All will be revealed soon I promise you!!
What's been happening your end since the festivities? Are you back in your routines now everything is sort of back to normal?
My house is starting to definitely look tidier for longer that's for sure (I'm telling you this as I am munching on a sausage roll and getting pastry bits all over haha), it is short lived as once my youngest has came in from school she is a little whirlwind and tidiness is no more Haha. I'm not even going to mention how my house looks at a weekend!! ***quietly cries into a pillow***
>>>>>I sort of brushed up on the fact I have been working on something secret while it's been quiet... there has been lots happening here behind the scenes and I will update you more soon but I will say I am crazy excited!!! Eeeekkkk!!!
If you are one of the fabulous peeps who have subscribed to my emails (ps you also get a fantastic 10% discount code too!!) you will be the first so see a sneaky peek and also a launch date aaarrggghhh!!!! It's so exciting!!
Can you tell I'm excited haha
Right I need to go grab my hoover so I can clean up the mess I've made from this pesky sausage roll haha
Until next time...
Hannah xx

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