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World Book Day

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Ah what a week!

The week seemed to go by super quick as usual. It's like poof straight into the next crazy week Haha

So last week (Thursday) was World Book Day and little Freya went to school dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz! She even had a basket and toto was inside... she looked absolutely adorable of course!!!

Some of you mums though are blooming talented, making costumes for their kiddies! I wouldn't even know where to start, I can't use a sewing machine at all 😂 so for me, amazon prime was to the rescue!!

Speaking of book day... do you like to read?

It's one of my favourite things to do when I get the chance!
When I used to go stay at my Grandma's it was that fabulous lady who got me into reading (she also taught me how to knit too although I never quite got the hang of how to cast on haha)
My Grandma was a right book worm honestly, if she didn't have her head stuck in a book she would either be baking or knitting!

My Grandma never let me read her books mind... she loved the Mills and Boon books... I figured out why she wouldn't let me read them when I got older.. abit raunchy aren't they Haha.

One of my favourite memories were on a friday night after school my dad would take me to my Grandma's house (I used to love staying over every Friday night) We would watch Ready, Steady Cook, have our tea then have apple turnovers for afters and then get snuggled up with a blanket and read a book.

I do love a good book, I've recently finished a book by Holly Martin called Christmas at Lilac Cottage (yes I know a christmas book when it's not even christmas haha) but I absolutely loved it though and I couldn't put it down!!
I was quite sad when I finished it mind, I've got a book hangover Haha. You know when you get really engrossed in a good book and a feeling of sadness comes over you, feel abit lost and now I can't read another one yet Haha.


I have another one of Holly Martin's books to read... The Gift of Happiness that my lovely husband bought me for my birthday in January. I've wanted it since it came out Haha. I need to give it a couple of weeks though to get over the Lilac Cottage one 🤣

To be honest, I love nothing more than getting chilled out with a good book in an evening... after a hectic day and after the usual madness that follows once the kiddies are home from school. It takes my mind to another place and I just unwind, do you know what I mean?

What good books have you read? Do you have any favourite authors?

I'd love to hear xx

Until next week lovelies,
Take care

Love Hannah xx


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