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Easter will soon be upon us during these uncertain times


March so far has been filled with fear, anxiety and uncertainty as to what is going to happen.

I know we are all on lockdown, lots of businesses have closed and we are unable to visit family members. On top of that, with having our children at home it can be quite hard to keep them entertained. Here, I have been doing a schedule with my children and so far it's working really well.(feeling hopeful!) We have their school work so we've been doing abit of that and also been having some fun and making memories of course!

My little girl asked me if the Easter Bunny will still come because of the virus in the world, my answer was simply 'yes of course'. I am trying to keep everything as normal as I can for them as I am sure you are trying to aswell, but I will admit, we are facing scary times and the unknown.


I have had messages asking whether I am still open and the answer is yes I am. Post Office trips are limited as I'm sure you can appreciate, your parcel will arrive with you but there will be delays once it has left me which is understandable.



That being said, Easter isn't too far away and I have some beautiful gifts for you! Each one make the most beautiful gift and also a keepsake too. 

The most popular Easter item which a lot of you love right now is the personalised bunny head! (I will add some photos further down)

I have recently completed an order for a precious little girls first Easter. I absolutely love it and I am pleased to say, the fabulous Royal Mail delivered it safely too. I know I always say it but I love the colour combos you come up with, they always look truly amazing!


I will continue to keep bringing those smiles to your faces when you receive a parcel from me for as long as I can.

As always I always appreciate your support, it really never goes unnoticed ever.


Stay safe, I'm always here if you ever want to talk about absolutely anything xxx


Take care, lots of love

Hannah xxx


Here is the link to Product Spotlight... all about those beautiful bunnies for Easter!! Click me


Here's the beautiful bunny I did for little Ariya's First Easter. Soon cute!!












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