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Have you heard?


Firstly, what day is it Haha. Are you struggling to know what day it is too? Majority of it for me is because there's no routine whatsoever, everyday I'm just winging it just like you are Haha.

Things are going ok-ish here with the kiddies doing their work. We have sort of established some kind of routine there so to speak! I'm happy that their schools are providing the work and they are there for support when we need it too which does put my mind at ease incase I need some help with something! When they was at school and they brought their homework home, I was no use some of it was hard đŸ˜‚


Work wise, I initially intended on working during the evenings however it's not worked out that way Haha. I'm doing bits during the day, my secret is I am awake super early in the mornings so I try to get as much done as I can then, and then the rest is staggered throughout the day.


I am ever so grateful for the fact I am still receiving orders, mainly via my Etsy shop. It really is appreciated so I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me busy! Not only that it also gives you something to look forward to aswell.


On another note, have you heard? Some of you may have seen that I have recently launched some beautiful Hair Pretties!!! They are all listed on my website here, I will be adding more soon and theres only a few listed on my Etsy at the moment. I'm so happy as they have gone down a treat with you which is absolutely amazing!!!


Just look at these...

Photo Collage_20200419_122152523-02

Plus here's my little lady Freya modelling the beautiful 'Natural Beauty Duo'

Photo Collage_20200420_074115752-02

I am immensely proud of these Hair Pretties and blown away by the support I have received since launching them, thank you so much xx It is hugely appreciated, I was so nervous Haha xx


If you get chance, pop and have a browse, you can find them here... Hair Pretties


Until next week, stay safe and take care xx

Love Hannah



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