Product Spotlight

Boho Bunny Head


For March Product Spotlight I have chosen Bunnies!!!

Easter isn't too far away, and time seems to be creeping up on us doesn't it haha.

I started to create some beautiful bunny decor for little ones as I think it's lovely to have something to keep!

The bunnies with hole inserts are absolutely fantastic as you can reuse them every year! How cool is that!! Win win as you don't have to buy again (just the kinder or creme egg)


When my son was little, I wish there was bits like this as to be honest he wasn'[t much of a fan of Easter Eggs believe it or not... although he did love a Kinder Egg (I think it was more the little prize inside of them if I'm honest haha) 


The Boho Bunny Head and the Gazing Hare are perfect for babies too, to celebrate their First Easter! As always, you can choose your own colours and flowers by checking out my Colour Chart and really make it your own.