The Story Behind My Business Name

There’s always a story behind a business name! So today, I wanted to share mine with you...

When I have spoken to other small businesses, I love hearing how they came about to choose their business name haha. I find it so interesting because you get to find out more about them...

For me, I never actually toyed with any names. I wanted something that I would never have to change, everyone would remember it - a bit like your childhood landline number!

So how did I come up with Pixies Attic?

Well, because I am quite small - 5ft to be exact! I wanted something that reflected that. So I decided on Pixie.

I then chose Attic to go alongside it because I’ve always wanted an attic room anddddd because I knew I was going to create more than fairy doors - I also wanted it to reflect that also.

When you think of an attic, there’s generally a good bit of stuff up there (there is in mine haha) There generally isn’t the same things in each box in storage up there, am I wrong?! Sooooo, I thought Attic was a good choice.

Now Pixie Attic seemed odd so I just added an ‘s’ to make it become ‘Pixies Attic’. Pretty easy eh haha.

I have never thought of changing my name. I know quite a few businesses who have and have rebranded with a different name which is ok, because alot of the time, product ranges change and some do completely, so it makes sense to change a business name so it reflects more on what your business is…

For me, I wanted my business name to be personal to me and also to reflect my product range.

In my ‘attic’ I have many beautiful collections that consist of Nursery Name Signs, Children’s Decor, Seasonal Decor, Home Decor and Custom Decor! You’ll find quite abit in my ‘attic’ haha. It is forever growing for you and I love how much it has grown.

So there you have it… my little story behind my business name.

Let me know what you thought to this blog post!

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hannah xx



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