Privacy Policy

1 Introduction
1.1 What data does Pixies Attic collect?
When an order is placed via our website, we ask for the following information to process your items and dispatch them to you;

Full Name
Email Address

1.2 How do we collect this data?
This data is supplied to Pixies Attic at the checkout process via Stripe or PayPal. We receive the details you select at the time of ordering. Information is then stored on our website account, so we can dispatch your parcel to the correct address. We also receive an email from PayPal/Stripe confirming a purchase has been made and the address you have requested we send the items to.

1.3 Why do we collect this data?
We require your Full Name & Address so that we can send your parcel to the correct place of residence once it has been completed. We also ask for your email address, so we can get in touch with you should there be a problem or to send design previews of items should you require them.

1.4 Do we share this data?
Your data is not shared with or sold to any outside individuals.
We share your Full Name & Delivery Address with the delivery company Royal Mail (for non UK Customers or Evri (for UK Customers) This is so your parcel can be delivered to you.

2 Using Your Data for Marketing Purposes

2.1 Opting In
We require your permission to send any marketing or promotional emails. People must subscribe to our mailing list of their own volition, for us to use the data you supply. If you do not your email address will never be used for this purpose.

2.2 Opting Out
If you subscribe to our mailing list but decide you would like to opt-out of receiving further marketing emails you can unsubscribe at any time. There is a link on every one of our newsletters and promotional emails that will allow you to remove yourself from the mailing list. Once you have done so you will no longer receive marketing emails from Pixies Attic unless you choose to resubscribe at a time in the future.

3 How do we keep your data secure?

3.1 Data stored digitally
The information collected during the checkout process is stored on our website server. The Pixies Attic website is hosted through Create and they employ the following security measures to ensure all the data collected is secure;

  • Create employ full-time security consultants, dedicated to the security of customer information. 

    Devices in our possession that have access to our account are as follows;

    HP Desktop – Password and Pin Protected                                                                 Samsung Mobile Device – PIN Security, Fingerprint Authentication

We employ security measures on all our devices to ensure data is stored securely.

3.2 Data stored as a hard copy
We do not print any documents with your information present. Shipping labels are printed directly from Evri, which is then placed on your parcel and sent to you. Second copies are not produced.

4 Requesting a Copy of the Data we hold

4.1 The process
You can request a copy of all the data we currently hold on file for you. We are legally required to provide this to you free of charge and within a month of the original request.

5 Requesting we delete all data we hold

5.1 The process
If you want us to delete all information we have on file we are legally required to do so should you request.