What makes me different?

What makes my products different?

So many questions and so many answers! 

I have always wanted to be different. I have never been one for jumping on the band wagon and doing what everyone else is doing. That’s not me… at all.

I remember when I first started, I sort of initially blended in if you like. But then things changed. I brushed up slightly in one of my other blog posts about when I ordered from suppliers (you can read that here). Basically everyone would have pretty much the same item the only difference was the different colours.

There is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s the same with bread - random I know haha but you go into Morrisons or Tesco and the bread aisle is full of bread. The difference is, is how it’s made how it’s cooked and how it tastes? You might like Hovis, your mate might prefer Warburtons!

There is nothing wrong with the same thing. In each one it’s different, different brand, it’s how they make it their own - unique to them. It’s a strange comparison but hopefully you will know what I mean!

What I’m saying is, I’ve always wanted to be ‘different bread’.

Let’s take my Medal Holder as an example. If you go searching for a Medal Holder, loads and I mean loads will come up in your search. Some are very expensive, some are in a reasonable price range and some are shockingly cheaply priced. Again there is nothing wrong with that. The saying you are familiar with is ‘you get what you pay for’ and that is true!

I will now delve further into why my Medal Holders (for example) are different and worth the price.

* I make them strong (I’ve seen so many that are thin, and they will not stand the weight of ALOT of Medals!)

* I use thick wood so the weight of your Medals won’t bend or bow the wood.
The way I see it, I make you something that will last. After all you want it for years, not a few months. If you are gifting the Medal Holder, you want it made to last!

* I design it here and also cut it on my Laser Machine.

* I can add any text you want - whether you just want ‘Thea’s Medals’ or ‘Phoebe’s Dancing Medals’ I can do it.

* I record a lot of my orders being cut so there is a high chance you will see it being cut and say to your friends ‘woah look at this that’s my daughters or sons Medal Holder being cut, how cool is that?!’ I think it’s really cool haha.

You choose your colours for your Medal Holder, it is for you so yes you choose!

Click the images below to take a closer look at these Medal Holders

I always want you to be completely happy when you place your order, even throughout me making it for you and even more so when you receive it. I want you to feel special, and you know why? It’s because YOU ARE! Every single customer of mine are so special to me. I want you to feel appreciated because you have chosen me to create something beautiful for you or your children etc. You 100% trust me to do that for you. So yes YOU ARE SPECIAL TO ME.

I put absolutely everything into creating your piece, I don’t have loads stored. I have big sheets of wood stored yes, and each one is cut once you place your order. Everything is made to order. I take my time with each one because I want it to be perfect.

I put everything into it as though I am making it for one of my own children. So please know, you will always receive the best.

So much work goes into every single one of my products. The Medal Holders for example: if you opt to have glitter on your chosen wording, the glitter isn’t just applied to the front of the wording. No it isn’t. It is in fact added to all the edges as-well as the fronts. Yes it takes more time, but it is completely worth it! They look absolutely fabulous don’t you think?

I try to keep my prices as low as I can because I am able to! There has been a slight increase due to wood prices going up and of course energy. I can keep my costs lower because everything is all made here. From the design work to cutting to hand painting to photographing to shipping. All my packaging boxes are delivered to me flat packed so I also make each box up on demand and add all the filler so your order is safe while it arrives to you.

I also charge a flat rate shipping to anywhere in the UK of £4. I gift wrap all orders and you are paying for a fully tracked service. I pride myself in the fact you can visibly see your orders full journey from me to you! I will let you in on a little secret as well, sometimes it costs more than £4 to send because I add that much protection in your parcel & also especially if there are a few items in your parcel, but I never charge you extra. After all it’s wooden items = heavy box. Wood can be heavy!

That’s why I am different. I genuinely love making for you. It really does bring me so much joy and I am so blessed to have the most wonderful customers. I charge £21.99 for my Medal Holders because they are worth that. I want your child to be able to hang as many Medals as they possibly can on their Medal Holder. And I know my Medal Holders will no bow or bend. My Medal Holders are strong and will last!

This doesn’t apply solely to my Medal Holders either! Everything is designed - cut on my machine - hand painted - shipped all from my studio here at Pixies Attic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! Let me know in the comments below…

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Until next time,
Take care
Hannah xxx

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