Why I need a Hip Replacement Part 2

Welcome to Part 2!!

Ok so following on from Part 1, I left it at where i was booked to have my Hip Replacement but i didn’t end up having it….

Now for a deep breath.

It’s really hard to write this.

I was supposed to write this sooner but it’s hard what I am going to write. I did mention that if any of you follow me on my personal profile on Facebook, then you will already know what happened…

I was all ready to go down to theatre. I was in my gown, being wheeled down to theatre in my wheelchair. I got through the double doors and I remember seeing a lovely gentleman and he asked me what was special about my name… haha I remember saying it’s symmetrical 🤣 he also told me his daughters name was also Hannah. I joked that when I was infant school, the teacher used to use my name as an example when we were doing mirror work and symmetry.

Anyway, I was then wheeled into another room that had like a bed trolley in the middle. My Anethistist was there and we chatted. I remember speaking to him about me having to have my bloods redone as at my pre-op it flagged up I had special antibodies in my blood! Anyway, everything was ok and the lovely two gentlemen helped me from my wheelchair onto the trolley bed thing. I had to lay on my side as they were going to inject a nerve block into my bad side where they would be operating.

This is where it took a turn. I literally don’t remember much from this point. I remember seeing my surgeon come in along with a couple of other people. My anethistist was injecting me with this nerve block and I said it felt weird and I didn’t like it and something was wrong. I then felt myself starting to seize. I was having a seizure. I felt my eyes roll back, and then nothing.

What felt like for me blinking for me, a lot was going on. My medical team was trying to save my life. I had had a seizure and a cardiac arrest. My heart had stopped. From what I know they were doing 5 rounds of CPR and I was shocked 3 times. And finally, I was back!!!!!

I woke up in a different hospital with a lot of tubes and when I was starting to come round - the first thing I asked was how the operation went. Although when I saw my husbands face & my father-in-law & sister-in-laws faces, I kind of knew I didn’t get my new hip. There was a sound of a lovely nurse talking to me and I remember her saying did I want to see my family. I then saw my husband, my father in law and my sister in law. When I saw their faces I knew something had happened. Their faces how they looked that day will stay with me.

The rest is all abit of a blur. I was in a lot of pain with my chest but I was not about to complain as I was one lucky lady. They had saved my life.

This all happened on Friday 12th May 2023.

I was put on the High Dependency Unit at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital and I had the most wonderful nurses looking after me. I remember seeing my surgeon as he kept coming to check on me… but there was one nurse who has stuck in my head and her name was Emma and she was lovely. Emma looked after me, as did the other nurses, but you always generally get one nurse who is just genuinely nice and Emma was just that.

I stayed in hospital until the 16th. I was determined to go home. I knew I would recover better at home. And that is what happened.

I am taking it each day as it comes since I’ve been home, I am resting and I’m just trying to come to terms with what happened. It all seems surreal. I did decide to reopen because it is keeping me occupied, I love what I do but I obviously still can’t walk unaided as my operation didn’t go ahead, but of course due to what happened I can only go a short distance before I get out of breath and my heart beats so fast.

I do have days where I am so emotional and I will be honest, one of the things that has really upset me is I actually thought I had friends. Unfortunately when things happen I suppose that’s when you do find out who your friends truly are. It seems the friends I thought I had are simply ones you would just say hi to as it turns out, nothing more. I have had 2 people message me personally, that’s it, 2 people. And one of those has visited me. I’ve actually had many customers message me, people who I have never met ask me how I am. Puts alot into perspective doesn’t it really. Even one person I considered a friend is a fellow small business, we've spoken so much over 3 years - then after we spoke when I came out of hospital to now find she has blocked me completely, on both personal and business social media! 

One thing I am certain of is what happened to me has made me think alot about what’s important and what isn’t. People who I want in my life, and people who I don’t. And you know what, life is for living!!!! We take it for granted all the time. I know I did. I want to surround myself with people who I want in my life and who wants me in theirs, saying goodbye to all the negativity and hello to positivity only!!

I will be having my Hip Replacement Surgery, I now have a date. However the next time I will be awake! I'm provisionally booked for 1st August but I need clearance from my Cardiologist first.

There is an investigation going on as to what happened and why it happened as the drug I reacted with is very rare to react with. I recently went for an Echocardiogram and that was all good. I've also not long had an ECG monitor attached to me for 24 hours, I will receive the result this week at my Cardiology appointment.

I will say I am so happy and relieved at how well I am being looked after. As a lot of you know I suffer with anxiety and this has just made it peak, however I am having to control it as I don’t want any extra stress on my heart. It’s been through a heck of a lot!!! My husband has been an absolute godsend and he has been looking after me, aswell as my children. I love them all so very much.

I also just want to say a heartfelt thank you to you my customers and followers for your genuine kindness you have shown me in your messages. It really means a lot. 

If you've got this far, thank you so much honestly.

Hannah xxx




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