Why I need a Hip Replacement - Part 6

Welcome to Part Six of 'Why I Need A Hip Replacement.'

Thank you so much for following me on this journey!

On my last blog post, I ended it where I was given my anaesthetic...

Waking up in Recovery was like the bestest feeling ever! The first thing I said was 'Did he do it.'

When the reply was 'yes he did' I cried with such relief honestly!

I had been waiting for this moment for sooooo long and now it's here! 

I did it! Mr Howell did it!!!!

He even came to see me in recovery too to make sure I was ok! 

Now, the hardest part was over... or so I thought!


While in recovery, the ladies in there was trying to get on top of my pain relief. You see, due to the Cardiac Arrest I had in May on the first attempt of my surgery, I wasn't allowed any numbing stuff. Everything had to be managed with pain relief.

From the moment I opened my eyes, I felt the pain. I wasn't worried as I knew it would be temporary. I knew they would get ahead with the pain relief.

How wrong was I!!!!! Jeez!!!!

While in recovery I had 1 nice nurse and 1 not so nice. The not so nice one was more bothered about going home as her shift was due to end. The nice nurse was giving me Fentanyl. I had 300mg in total and I could still feel heck of a lot of pain... remember, I had no numbing stuff so I felt absolutely everything when I woke up.

Both nurses took me to the ward, even though they hadn't got my pain under control. They said the ward will sort me out, in the meantime I was in agony.

Darren came with me but then left as he needed to get home to the kids. Before he left he told the ward nurses that my pain was still there and not under control.

A nurse came, they gave me the same medication I was taking prior to my surgery that didn't work... I was sobbing. I've never felt pain like it. To top it off they had to move me to get something off from beneath me. They rolled me on to one side and then the next. Just recalling that makes me feel sick. The pain I felt then was that intense I was sick.

I think I must of been sobbing for an hour when a nurse came to me to ask me what was wrong.

I then got mad, 

'This isn't what was arranged for me, I was supposed to have morphine with a button I can press.' They had no idea that I was supposed to have this.

But they delivered. I was relieved.

At last, pain relief. Decent stuff.

Now, I could press this button once every 5 minutes. No word of a lie here when I say this but the pain was that excruciating I sat with my phone watching for every 5 minutes just so I could press the button for pain relief. I did this for about 6 hours straight. I'm not even joking.

Put it this way, I would rather go through labour than pain like that.

I knew that the first 24 hours would be intense, but I was supposed to of had the pain managed ahead. It wasn't!

Anyway, the next morning was no better.

Staff change.

Didn't like them haha. My breakfast was just dumped on my bed, I couldn't reach it, a wash bowl was dumped on my table out of reach. I was thinking stuff this man after what I've been through.

I was the youngest one on that ward.


Anyway, I was in hospital for a few days until they got on top of my pain. I was on ALOT of strong stuff. Morphine, Oxycodone etc you name it I was on it. I was out of it!

I was so happy when I got discharged late on the Monday night! 

I felt very fragile. Vulnerable. I was scared to move as I didn't want to hurt anything as I was discharged on the same medication I was on before I went into hospital! It wasn't that great then, so I didn't have high expectations at this point.

However, I was happy I was going home!!!!

This frame was going to become my friend for the first few weeks!


The kids was so excited I was home! We kept it a secret so it was a surprise for them!

It was hard though being at home. It was hard to get on the stair lift! I stayed in bed for the first week, I only got up to go for a wee.

11th December I had to go to the doctors for a wound check. They decided at that point to start weaning me off the strong pain meds I'd been on since May. 10 days since my surgery and they wanted to limit my pain meds.... I had my first physio appointment on 14th December, didn't do much but it was weird and nice to be out the house.

I was then referred to a different physiotherapist who specialises in Hip Replacement recovery. My first appointment with her was on 28th December and it was great!!!!! 

I was also made aware I'm not supposed to be weaned off the pain meds in the way I was told, so I'm going off the physiotherapists advice now. 

The thing is, the medication I'm on is highly addictive. I've been on it since May. You aren't meant to just stop taking them. Anyway, with proper advice, I'll be ok coming off them thank goodness!

As it stands today, I am no longer walking with a frame. I have crutches and I'm starting the process of moving onto just 1 stick. Then it will be none!!! It feels great because I haven't walked without any aids for such a long time. It feels alien haha.

January is going to be a month of recovery for me. I will be reopening soon, once I get the ok from my surgeon. 

At present, on Thursday this week (4th January - my birthday!) I will be 5 weeks post op!!! My wound is healing well, very well and it's nice to not be in pain!

This is how my hip looked before my surgery. This is what Perthes Disease & Stage 4 Osteoarthritis looks like. The pain was excruciating even though I'd already had a childhood operation on it in the 90's
AFTER: Just look at that!!! All gone and no more pain! It was definitely worth it!!! I was worried about the implant as my femur is narrow on my bad side due to the Perthes Disease, but you know what, it's ok!

Just look at those photos... on the before - my pelvis, you can see how it looks differently to the good side aswell - they used some of that to fix my hip when I was young. But it's the ball joint you want to be looking at.

I have a screw with my new hip, holding the cup in place. That sometimes goes into spasm but it's only done it a few times. I can handle that. It was allllll worth it!!!!!

I want to end this part with a huge thank you for sticking with me. Honestly, it's been a weird time and it went on longer than I thought it would.

I want to also wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you truly have an amazing 2024!

I will keep you updated with my journey because it might also help someone or someone you know!

I will be back soon with more beautiful new creations for you!!!!

Until next time,
Lots of love,

Hannah xxx



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