Hopefully you will find the answers to the questions you may seek...

That is one of the most important questions isn't it! If you're like me I'm always twitching for items to arrive Haha.

I always add my turnaround time to my home page, its 10-14 working days BEFORE I post your order. This is because it gives me time to design, cut, sand and then add your requirements to that particular item. Each item you see on my website is handmade to order. Nothing 'off the shelf' here!

The time it takes to get to you once I have completed your item is roughly 3-5 working days.

Of course! There's nothing more satisfying than creating something just for you! 

It is always best to contact me first just incase I have a high volume of orders. 

I'm so glad you asked!

Well I remember sat thinking about names right at the beginning and I wanted something a little bit different and something that people would remember.

Pixie is because they are little Haha (as am i) so that represents those little darlings in our lives.

Attic I came up with that because you find abit of all sorts in them don't you haha and some treasures of course! Plus I have always wanted my work studio to be in an Attic!

So that is how I came up with Pixies Attic

Well this is a good question!

I have a sketch pad and I spend alot of time drawing designs in that. Some I haven't even got round to making yet (I wish I was an octopus so I would have more hands haha) and then I start to use my design software to see how it looks then I decide if I want to cut it. 

Alot of my ideas and inspiration come from my little girl Freya and I  spend alot of time researching trends etc but in all honesty i just do my own style and alot of you love it so that's a huge bonus for me!

I do get asked this alot!

I was actually a Medical Secretary Haha. I only left due to childcare problems after a relationship breakdown. But then the best thing was I got to spend  more time being an amazing mum to my two children I had at the time. Even more so I am here every day for all 3 of my children now.